In Loving Memory of Jim McMillan

This page is dedicated in loving memory to Jim McMillan.

In the late 1980's Jim watched the famous "Ring of Fire" documentary by Lorne and Lawrence Blair, and went in search of the individual they called "Dynamo Jack", who is also known under the pseudonym "John Chang".

He was accepted as a student by John into the school of Mo Pai, trained diligently, and reached the highest level attained by any non-Asian student.

In 2013 Jim passed due to complications with cancer.

Jim was a loving, kind father, and wonderful teacher and friend.

I first met Jim in 2006, and he never charged me any money, nor asked for a donation for his time.

He made himself available to talk on the phone about anything, and was always there for me when no one else was.

The world lost a truly great, teacher, father, and Mo Pai student when he passed.

Below are some pictures and video of Jim:

(Being tested by John)

(Being tested by John)

(Interview 1/4)

(Interview 2/4)

(Interview 3/4)

(Interview 4/4)

(At John's Family Member's Wedding)